An interesting latest development occurred in 2012 with the possible recognition of the Putti Abuyadaya by Israel and the Othodox Jewish world, thanks to the efforts of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, founding Chief Rabbi of Efrat and Chancellor of Ohr Torah institutions


Visiting Minister for education Hon. Ahmed Lwasa, on his official visit to our synagogue with his entourage i.e. deputy to share our vision and formal teaching on the curriculum of Judaica studies, Present were Mr Fred Keays, Mr Adam Hirschfield and also with Rabbi Aaron Malinsky.


Spiritual community activities at Galilee Hospital;

Praying for the sick people from 8:30- 9:30 AM, Every Sunday and Friday.


We need medical Volunteers in the Medical Sector(Public Health) in surport of the growing number of patients treated at the Center Irrespective of their belief and Ethinic back ground, We consider all to be spiritually Jewish.


Apply now to volunteer with us

Judaica Studies is now an academic descipline at Monaco Institute of Business and Computer Science centered on the study about Torah and Judaism. Jewish and Hebrew studies have been maginalised in the country(Uganda) for a very long time but now the kampala Jewish synagogue offers opportunities to all students at the Institute.


Many students have expressed their gratitute towards the Kampala Synagogue's Innititation of such subjects on the institute's Curriculum.


All those interested can Contact Head of Judaica and Hebrew department

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