Our Visitors final day at the Hospital, Dr Brian Berman MD and his lovely wife Nora. Thank you for your precious time shared with us and the donations of the dental xray gears, much appreciated B^H


Visiting Minister for education Hon. Ahmed Lwasa, on his official visit to our synagogue with his entourage i.e. deputy to share our vision and formal teaching on the curriculum of Judaica studies, Present were Mr Fred Keays, Mr Adam Hirschfield and also with Rabbi Aaron Malinsky.


Spiritual community activities at Galilee Hospital;

Praying for the sick people from 8:30- 9:30 AM, Every Sunday and Friday.


We need medical Volunteers in the Medical Sector(Public Health) in support of the growing number of patients treated at the Center Irrespective of their belief and Ethinic back ground, We consider all to be spiritually Jewish.


Apply now to volunteer with us

Our Life saving program

"We dont avoid our rensponsibilities, we Embrace them"

Our extendend moral and medical suport reaching out to remote places in the district providing that much needed medical care in our life saving programme for the less previledged.

We at Galilee Community General Jewish hospital have setup this life saving programme for the less previledged a couple years ago. This is given to all regardless of their ethenic background, religion or race etc, We consider all to be spiritually Jewish. Participants are welcome with Public health and Counseling skills.

Prisons visting program

As part of our Mitzivah, two days in every month have been dedicated for visiting the prison for moral guidance/support (prayers) for the families of the inmates and the prisoners regardless of their ethenic background, We consider all to be spiritually Jewish.

Agricultural programs in Mbale

Agriculture in Uganda is the most dominant sector. The sector employs well over 80% of the available labor force in the economy of Uganda.

Coffee has been Uganda's most important cash crop since the 1980s. In December 2012 it contributed US$30.13 million to Uganda's export earnings.

We carry out Coffee, Rice growing and Poultry Farming. This has enabled us to support our daily activities

Tours & Travel Services

Take a great Safari experience with our tour and travel services. We are operating in East Africa and we offer a range of safaris to some of the best wildlife reserves and game in East Africa.

We fill the vital gap in the tourism sector and we provide tour and travel services to people from conners the world,

In addition, you will be able to meet and visit some of the jewish synagogues in Uganda.